From Flower to Concentrate: The Evolution of Cannabis

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Cannabis Concentrates History Evolution of Modern Culture

In the consumption of cannabis, we are no longer limited to the flower budget buds that are common in the world today. With the utilization of cannabis concentrates has emerged a brand new and ever so exciting prospect as consumers get to experience cannabis in a more both potent and diversified manner.

Understanding Cannabis Concentrates

Fundamentally, cannabis concentrates refer to products extracted from the cannabis plant in a manner that yields them dense amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes. These compounds, which contain the active properties and fragrances of the plant, are then obtained from the plant material to form extracts that have loose textures, strengths, and tastes.skywalker OG bud

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The Extraction Process

However, innovation in extraction forms the bedrock of developing those highly potent concentrates. There are several methods used to extract the desired compounds from the cannabis plant:

Solvent-based Extraction

This technique involves utilizing solvents such as butane, propane, or ethanol to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. The solvent is removed after which a concentrated extract of the solid substance is obtained.

CO2 Extraction

Another completely safe extraction method, co2 extraction involves using carbon dioxide at super critical temperatures and high pressure to dissolve out the required components. This gives a high quality concentrate with no trace of solvents that are used in the extraction process.

Rosin Pressing

Rosin pressing is another extraction method that does not involve using any solvents, and it involves applying heat and pressure to extract the cannabinoids, and terpenes from the plant material. This method is well-recommended by homestead growers and fanatics mainly because of its simplicity and the purity of the resulting substance.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

The extraction process yields a variety of concentrate types, each with its own unique characteristics:


Shatter is a type of concentrated cannabis that is clear and slightly sticky in texture, regarded as being one of the most potent. The method of purging used in the process with the aim of getting rid of residual solvents is what makes shatter have a hard texture.


Wax is also referred to as budder or crumble and it is a softer type of concentrate with a whipped consistency. This is made possible by stirring the extract in the course of purging process to settle for the correct density.

Live Resin

Live resin is a very aromatic and potent concentrate, that is made from fresh cannabis plants that are freeze-frozen immediately after being harvested. This process retains the plants’ terpene profile, which creates a product with a strong aroma and taste.


Cannabis oil is a versatile product that can be consumed through vaporization, ingested or used as an additive substance. It is generally created through solvent-based extraction techniques, and might also possess a range of viscosity.

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The Evolution of Cannabis Concentrates

The process of extracting cannabis concentrates is one of the most dynamic aspects of the cannabis industry, and the trusted methods and machines are constantly developing and being improved. It is as vast as the improvements in the extraction equipment to the technique of preserving terpenes for any strain.

Benefits such as a clean and better flavored product with increased consumption of high quality concentrates are likely to propel the demand further. The abilities of the future of cannabis concentrates are the vast horizons for further diversification of the product offering for selective consumers.

The Purple Butler – online cannabis dispensary

The Purple Butler is a Canadian-based online dispensary that provides its customers with an extensive range of different edibles and other cannabis products that can be delivered to various regions of the country.

The dispensary stocks a wide catalogue of cannabis stocks, with sativa, indica and hybrid types available. Besides dried flower, they also have pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and vaporizers’ products.


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While the Purple Butler sources its cannabis from other growers, it can guarantee the safety and quality of all its products by conducting laboratory testing of its products that is compliant with section 17 of the Cannabis Act of Health Canada. It is, therefore, evident that the quality and safety of the dispensary are a central committee for the dispensary.

The Purple Butler’s site is easy to navigate and customers can directly order on the platform, and the payment could be done through e-transfer. The dispensary has a same-day delivery service within Surrey, Langley, White Rock, and North Delta if the order is placed before 7 pm. They also provide ‘Canada Post’ delivery service for products ordered within Canada, if ordered before 2:00 pm (PST).

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