Faded Cannabis Co THC Tincture Strong 500mg


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Faded Cannabis Co THC tincture always selects the highest quality MCT oil as it is ideal for multi purpose use, known for its suitability for topical treatments means this the perfect THC Oil for both oral and topical treatments.

Each 20ml bottle contains 500mg of THC, and each 1mL dropper contains 25mg of THC.

Directions: Always start with a small portion of Faded Cannabis weed oil to determine your tolerance level.

500mg THC tincture in 20ml – Shake well. Ingest orally half dropper to one full dropper, take 1-2 times per day, preferably with food.

What are the benefits of cannabis oil for your muscles?

Faded cannabis oil is the perfect option for anyone looking for an alternative to smoking weed. This oil is great for anyone who may have debilitating muscle pain that is hard to resolve.

Using weed oil can help relieve severe muscle tightness. If you are an athlete or simply enjoy working out and have pain afterwards. Try Faded Cannabis weed oil for your aches and pains after your workout.

Are you looking for Back Pain Relief?

THC oil is also a great alternative to various over-the-counter muscle relaxer creams and pills. When applied topically this oil gives your muscles instant relief. If you are suffering from severe back pain than try our THC oil as an alternative to muscle relaxers.

By using this THC oil on a regular basis you might feel that you have more flexibility or your muscles may feel more malleable hence allowing you to do more with your day.

Other benefits of THC Tincture:

Faded Cannabis oil can be applied both topically or consumed orally. This oil is a great alternative to smoking weed. Having a hard time falling asleep? Try consuming a few drops of Faded Cannabis THC oil to help fall asleep.

Start low and go slow! Start with a couple drops of this high dose cannabis oil before you increase your dosage. What will follow after is a nice soothing feeling that you will feel throughout your body.

Is THC Oil the right product for you?

Always consult your physician before starting new remedies. If you are wondering about THC oil and its benefits please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

The benefits of this amazing oil are immense but you must know how to incorporate this oil into your life.

If you have never used cannabis before then it is best to start off with a low dose oil and slowly increase your consumption over time. If you are a regular cannabis consumer we still recommend you start with a low dose and slowly increase your consumption.

Is there a difference in applying THC Oil topically or consuming orally?

Yes there is definitely a difference! By applying the oil topically your muscles will feel relief quickly. The feeling is vastly different than consuming the oil orally.

Some consumers have reported that when they apply weed oil topically their muscles feel relaxed but they do not necessarily feel “high”. This can vary from consumer to consumer.

When you consume THC oil orally, the oil will flow through your entire body giving you more of a “body high”. If you are new to marijuana oil keep this in mind. If you are not looking for a full body high then it may be best for you to apply this oil just to the area of need.