Lemon Gelato Kush Ounce

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Lemon Gelato Kush Ounce

Lemon Gelato Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with a nice sweet aroma that every stoner can appreciate. Just as the name indicates, Lemon Gelato Kush has a sweet, sherbet-like flavour that reminds you of lemons and blueberries but with pine-like undertones. The scent of this strain is just as wonderful that only gets stronger as you break up the buds.The lineage for Lemon Gelato hails from Sunset Sherbet, Girl Scout Cookies and Lemon Haze. This trifecta is what gives Lemon Gelato its sweet flavour profile.

Lemon Gelato Kush buds comprise of nice dense bud that is covered in trichome crystals. Don’t be fooled by its sweet aroma! Lemon Gelato packs a punch! THC levels regularly testing at 23%+, pace yourself with this strain. Lemon Gelato is perfect for anyone looking for a nice relaxing evening where you can unwind and watch a movie. This strain is known to help alleviate body aches and pain, headaches and also just help with overall fatigue.