Mary’s CBD Oil for Dogs, 500 mg


The perfect addition to any medium or large dog’s daily routine. This full spectrum hemp extract is carefully formulated to provide your furry friend with the benefits of naturally occurring CBD. Whether you have an older dog with sore bones and muscles, or a pup with skin and ear issues, Mary’s CBD Oil can help alleviate inflammation and soothe aches.

If you’re a pet owner who prioritizes a raw food diet for your dog, you’ll be happy to know that Mary’s CBD Oil is an all-natural option that can be used as a perfect meal topper. Unlike regular medicine that can be harsh on your dog’s stomach, this product is gentle and safe for everyday use.

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What are the benefits to Mary’s

Mary’s CBD Oil 500 mg bottle is specially designed to give your dog all the benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract. It includes not only CBD but also other cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in the hemp plant for maximum therapeutic benefit for your furry pal.

One of the best things about Mary’s CBD Oil is that it has been taste-approved by dogs. This means that your large dog, or medium dog will enjoy the taste and be eager to take it, ensuring that they receive the full benefits of the product. Whether you add it to their food regularly or give it to them directly, you can be sure that they will think it’s a treat.

Who can benefit from Mary’s

If you have an older dog or pets with anxiety and are looking for a healthy alternative try Mary’s. Dogs can experience a variety of health issues, including sore muscles for older dogs, and soothed aches for a large dog. Mary’s Oil can help alleviate these issues by reducing inflammation and providing a gentle, natural solution that is easy for them to digest and improved health.

In addition to helping with sore bones and muscles, Mary’s can also be beneficial for dogs with skin issues, giving your dog a great coat. The full spectrum hemp extract can help alleviate inflammation, reducing redness and itching. It’s an all-natural solution that can be used in conjunction with other treatments or on its own.

What is Mary’s made with

At Mary’s, we are committed to using the finest ingredients and techniques to craft our products. Our Oil for Dogs is no exception. We exclusively utilize full-spectrum hemp extract that is meticulously sourced and stringently tested for quality and potency. Our manufacturing process guarantees maximum extraction of CBD oil, ensuring that your furry friend can reap its full benefits.

Avoid your regular medicine and treat them with the best, all-natural product that helps support their overall health a great coat, and see their wagging tails with joy.

Made from CBD Isolate extracted from Canadian grown hemp. This non-psychoactive CBD is great, so you do not need to worry about getting your pet “High”. You do get to provide your pet with the benefits of CBD. CBD has been known to help with the following symptoms in pets: seizures, relieve chronic pain, increase appetite and reduce anxiety. Vancouver made by Marys edibles.