OG Lime Killer Ounce

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The OG Lime Killer strain combines the Lemon OG Haze and Starkiller OG. A fantastic daytime strain that might increase creativity and happiness is the OG Lime Killer. This hybrid strain is a 70/30 indica/sativa split. Bright neon green, dark amber pistols, and a layer of white crystal trichomes cover the fluffy buds. This batch of OG Lime Killer contains 32.6% cannabinoids and 3.1% terpenes, making it a heavy hitter.

Patients claim to have experienced positive mental and physical effects as well as creative, energizing, relaxing, and uplifting effects. Citrus, flowery, lime, pine, sour, and woody flavors are all produced by the OG Lime Killer. After taking medication, you might smells like citrus, diesel, earthy, floral, herbal, and sour. The OG Lime Killer might be difficult for you if you suffer from chronic pain, cramps, fatigue, headaches, migraines, or stress.