Wedding Cake


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Meet Wedding Cake strain, a fancy and beautiful type of cannabis. Imagine buds covered in sparkly bits that look like they’re dressed up for a celebration – some are purple, some are green, making it look like a gorgeous dessert. When you take a sniff, it’s like getting a whiff of something sweet baking in the oven, with a touch of earthiness that rounds it out nicely.

Effects: Relaxation with a Side of Happiness

Wedding Cake brings a calm and happy feeling. It’s like a gentle hug that eases stress without making you super sleepy. It’s great for making your mood better and helping you unwind after a long day.

Potency: Just Right for Celebration

Wedding Cake is a indica dominant hybrid strain. This strain is a 80/20 indica sativa split. THC levels for this strain range between 25-28%. It’s not too strong, not too weak – just right for those who want to feel good without feeling overwhelmed.

Why Choose Wedding Cake Strain with The Purple Butler?

Pairing Wedding Cake with The Purple Butler takes the experience up a notch. Imagine having a delicious dessert and then adding a touch of something extra special to make it even better. The Purple Butler Canadian online dispensary enhances the whole experience by providing you with high quality craft cannabis, making it feel like a luxurious treat for your senses.