The Rise of THC Drinks: A Refreshing Take on Cannabis

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THC Drinks

The legal cannabis business is on the rise due to the change in attitude to it as well as legalization across various regions. This is resulting into making the consumers be in a constant search of new and varied methods of consuming cannabis other than smoking.

The Spirit of THC has revitalised one particular sector in which people can use it, namely THC-infused beverages. These THC drinks are an elegant way of taking cannabis as it is private, easy to dose, and does not trigger suspicion. They are available with diverse tastes and purposes; they can be relaxation drinks and sparkling social drinks. In the following years, new cannabis product sector which includes THC-infused beverages is also likely to experience an increase as the current market demonstrates.

A Refreshing Alternative:

There are people who see the prospect of getting high as a troubling notion. Tobacco smoking is a health risk, and it is well known that traditional edibles present unknown amounts of THC until felt, hours later. THC-infused drinks are rather different, perhaps they can become a part of a healthier and more balanced substances consumption.

Safety First: This latest form of THC does not go through your lungs as cigarettes do and therefore cannot cause the long-term adverse effects on your lungs. Also, with beverages, one is likely to anticipate the time that it will take for the effect to set in as compared to the case with edibles. This of course is because the THC is ingested and processed in the system faster in contrast to smoking it and thus you have a much better control over the dosage to avoid instances of over dosing.

Control in Every Sip: Now the users no longer have to guess the strength of an edible that they are consuming. With THC drinks, you cannot infuse them on your own because they come in servings which range from 2mg of THC to 10mg of THC. It gives you the ability to adjust the experience to the level you want – light to where you feel the buzz, or somewhat stronger.

Flavorful Fun: So discard the bitter and fiery extracts of burnt bud. THC is available in various scrumptious tastes like most of the soft drinks or beers of the modern world. All sorts of sparkling social drinks can be obtained for night outs with friends, relaxing teas for use when one needs to have a rest after work or during the day and good old fruit-infused sodas for the ‘high’ feel. This variety enhances the cannabis consumption even as it makes it personal to suit the tastes of the individual consumer.

Thus, ‘smoke’ should be left behind, while ‘freshness’ should be welcomed. THC drinks allow the users to find the space of marijuana that is safer, less unpredictable, and yummier.

Potential Benefits:

Beverages containing THC are slightly more convenient than smoking cannabis, but it means that THC drink does not only provide the consumer with a better taste but also a better experience. They hold promise for a range of therapeutic benefits: They hold promise for a range of therapeutic benefits:

  • Pain Relief: THC is known to affect the endocannabinoid system in the body which is involve in regulation of pain. Research indicates that THC is useful in treating condition that cause creeping pain such as arthritis, migraines, and muscle spasms.
  • Stress Reduction and Improved Mood: THC can easily ease stress and anxiety due to the feelings of relaxation and excitement that comes with their use. In the same regard, some users indicated that they tended to feel happy after taking THC and might prove helpful to those with depression.
  • Aiding Sleep: THC can help people sleep better and decrease the disturbances during the night. This may prove beneficial for patients suffering from insomnia or other related sleeping disorders.
  • The Power of Two: THC and CBD are the two most studies ingredients of cannabis due to their therapeutic benefits on users.

THC Drink

THC Drink Mix Berry

Some THC drinks contain CBD, another well-known cannabinoid present in cannabis plants as well. CBD is known for its non-psychoactive properties and may offer additional therapeutic benefits:

  • Reduced Anxiety: CBD is documented to have anxiolytic effects and it may thus add on to the stress alleviation benefits of THC.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: CBD may also help address inflammation hence will make THC’s pain relief capabilities more effective.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: CBD might improve sleep quality because it could help ease anxiety at night and help the body wind down.

Important Note: One must remember that there is still active research being done regarding the benefits that marijuana has on therapy. However, such potential benefits can be realized and every reader and/or user may not get the same results for the using the strategies in the book. When seeking THC drinks it is highly recommended that one consult their healthcare provider especially when they have other existing medical conditions.

THC Drinks By The Purple Butler

The Purple Butler provides several types of cannabis-infused beverages with the benefit of the precise quantity of the THC. On their site, these THC beverages reveal they can be ordered online in Canada.

Why did the Purple Butler develop a THC Drink Mix Ice Tea that has only 30 mg of THC?

 In the description part, it is said that the iced tea mix can be diluted with cold water to produce one of the simplest THC drinks. It emphasizes that there are no sweeteners added, although it is suggested that additional sweetener could be added by the consumer.

IMG 1757 scaled 1

THC Drink Mix Ice Tea

The website also has other THC infused drink options from The Purple Butler for other products and their cannabinoid content is not disclosed. The article from Chatelaine also says that a person tested a 2mg THC soda from Tweed and a dissolve up drink with 10mg THC of The Green Organic Dutchman, which proves there are many options of THC drinks.


In general, The Purple Butler seems to provide an opportunity for the consumers from Canada to buy the already made THC products, like drink concentrates aimed at a controlled experience of cannabis consumption. It gives the freedom on how to take the products since they can add a sweetener on the drink or dilute it with water.

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