Midnight Runtz Ounce

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Midnight Runtz is a indica dominant hybrid strain. This strain is a cross between Funky Charms and Runtz. The indica/sativa breakdown for midnight runtz is 70/30. This strain is the perfect option for anyone who’s looking for something that will help them relax before falling asleep. After consuming Midnight Runtz users feel a nice relaxing feeling throughout their body. Don’t be fooled by the 70/30 indica/sativa split, the THC level for this strain range between 24-27%. This strain is also a great option for users dealing with chronic issues such as: chronic pain, inflammation, IBS, depression, migraine headaches. The bud for this strain is nice dense shaped green bud covered in a lot of trichomes! When you first crack open a bud of Midnight Runtz you get a sweet aroma that will remind you of fruit or candy. Once you consume this strain the aroma transfers to the flavour profile in the same way! You will taste a sweet citrus flavour that will remind you of fruit or candy! This strain is perfect for anyone looking for a nice hybrid that will help them relax but can also be a great daytime option for someone that wants something a little stronger then just a Sativa strain.