The Purple Lizard


Prepare for a quad-level cannabis journey with The Purple Lizard, an incredibly strong indica strain that reigns supreme as a top-shelf, craft cannabis masterpiece. Exclusively available through The Purple Butler, your trusted online dispensary in Canada, this sticky bud marvel promises a slow burn and a powerful, high-THC experience that’s second to none.

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The Purple Lizard stands as a testament to the art of craft cannabis cultivation. Its buds are adorned with an abundance of glistening trichomes, showcasing the utmost care and precision in its cultivation. These sticky buds burn slowly, providing an extended and deeply satisfying cannabis experience. The aroma is a delightful fusion of earthiness and sweetness, tantalizing your senses and signaling the top-tier quality contained within. The Purple Lizard is the embodiment of craft cannabis excellence in every sense.


Indulge in the profound relaxation and euphoria that The Purple Lizard delivers. As you partake, a wave of tranquility sweeps over you, gently erasing stress and tension. This slow burn indica is perfect for those seeking respite from insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. The high THC content ensures an enduring and potent experience, allowing you to explore new dimensions of relaxation and creativity.


The Purple Lizard is celebrated for its remarkable potency, boasting THC levels that consistently reach quad-level intensity. With every inhale, you’re embarking on a high-THC journey that promises to elevate your senses and provide a truly unforgettable cannabis experience.

Why Choose The Purple Lizard from The Purple Butler?

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Experience the Quad-Level Excellence of The Purple Lizard

Embark on a quad-level cannabis journey with The Purple Lizard Indica Strain. Whether you seek relaxation, relief, or an unparalleled cannabis experience, this sticky bud masterpiece promises to elevate your senses to extraordinary heights. Purchase The Purple Lizard online through The Purple Butler, and immerse yourself in the epitome of craft cannabis perfection. Your voyage into the world of exquisite cannabis begins here.